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I am blessed to live in the deep woods of West TN, USA with my wife Marie, daughter Esme, and many animals who share our lives.

Marie keeps a blog and is active on facebook, so I don't often feel the need to discuss our family's adventures; she's got that covered.

I mostly spend my days sitting in front of a screen, watching the Great River of Internet slide by, fishing out the occasional chunky link for the daily news, and making smart ass comments on Hacker News and Instapundit threads. (As of Christmas 2023 I'm no longer welcome on HN)

From 1998 to 2008 I was the single person IT department behind, which provided Web and Internet services to grassroots nonprofit groups with extraordinarily limited resources.

During that time I also maintained some of the first documentation on the (then new) Linux Advanced Routing features.

I was active on IRC in those years, around the #kuro5hin channels on SlashNET. Several people firmly believed I never slept. Wasn't quite that bad; but I did run an unsustainable schedule then.